Introducing a Refreshed Look

Today we are announcing the launch of refreshed look of our web-application that will make it much easier for you manage your social media marketing efforts.

LinksAlpha Social Monitor
LinksAlpha Social Monitor

Below is a quick run-down of new features:

Multiple Social Networks Support

Using Monitor you can manage you Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram accounts all from a single application.

Tabs and Streams

With the newly added ability to add tabs, and view multiple social streams in each tab, it makes it much easier to organize your social profiles. For example, you can create a tab “Facebook Page” and add multiple streams (Feed, Notifications, Inbox, Scheduled…) for your business Facebook Page into it.

Add Stream

LinksAlpha - Add Stream
LinksAlpha – Add Stream Dialog

The Add Stream dialog helps you quickly add multiple social media streams into your tabs. Add Stream has comprehensive support for each social network. For example, in case of a Facebook Page, you can add streams including – News Feed, Video Feed, Photos Feed, Links Feed, Statuses Feed, Inbox, Photos, Videos, Uploaded Photos, Notifications, Events, Drafts, Scheduled, and Published posts.


LinksAlpha - Compose Post
LinksAlpha – Compose Post

You can now compose messages to multiple social media profiles. You can compare this feature with the Compose feature in your email client, where you can address a single email to multiple people via To/CC/BCC.

Scheduled Posts

LinksAlpha - Schedule Post
LinksAlpha – Schedule Post

As part of composing posts to your social profiles, you can also schedule posts to out at specific times thereby making it easier to execute your marketing campaigns.

Approval Workflow

To make it easier for teams to work together in a secure way, we have now added support for Approval Workflow. You can read more about it in our help documents.


As part of composing posts to your social profiles, you can now set the privacy of your post being made to Facebook and LinkedIn. Also for any photo posts being published onto Facebook, you can now select the album to which the photo should get uploaded.

Sentiment Analysis

We have added a preview support for sentiment analysis. Using this feature you can view the sentiment for a Tweet, and for comments published on posts made on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram. Sentiment Analysis can also be used to automatically create tickets on the LinksAlpha Help Desk product, which we will be talking about soon.


We hope with the launch of these new features, your Social Media Marketing efforts can now be channeled from a single application, instead of being spread across multiple applications. There is more exciting news to come from LinksAlpha. Stay tuned.


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