Social Media Optimization Thumb Rule #1

Winning the Credibility of your Tech Savvy Customers

It doesn’t matter if you are a startup or a well-established firm that builds cutting edge electronic gadgets. Today’s empowered consumers are in the driver’s seat with smartphones in hand, armed with more information, more choices and certainly higher expectations than ever before.

Now question arises…

Does your web presence allow customers the credibility to make a buying decision about your product or service?

If you are still thinking, then there is more to improve…
A study published by Intel informs that 78% of the consumers read online information about a company before doing business with them. 

To dig further, 63% of social media users list consumer-generated reviews and product ratings as the most preferred sources of credibility for a particular product.

Therefore do execute impressive campaigns, garner online support or generate social media coverage. However don’t neglect the product reviews, which customers write on your social sites.


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