Announcing Launch of Post app and Browser Extensions

We are excited to announce launch of our integrated social publishing web-application, Post. For the past sometime, being able to self-publish, save and schedule posts to social networks has been one of the most requested features and we are happy to ship the application along with browser extensions that make your social media marketing efforts easier and faster.

LinksAlpha Post

The new app is a natural complement to the existing Publisher application that already enables you to automatically publish your content onto social networks.


The Post app offers pretty comprehensive set of features including ability to:

  • Add unlimited social profiles
  • Post to your Social Profiles
  • Save drafts
  • Schedule posts
  • Add links and images to your posts
  • Track number of likes, comments, and shares

Supported Networks

In terms of social network support, the app supports a comprehensive list of networks, including ability to publish content onto:

 Facebook Profile

 Facebook Page

Facebook Group

Twitter Profile

LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn Group

Browser Extensions

As mentioned, we are also announcing the launch of our browser extensions that enabling publishing onto social profiles. Below are download links for the supported browsers:

Chrome Extension from Chrome

Firefox Extension from Firefox

Safari Extension from Safari

We hope that you find the new app useful. Please let us know of any new features that you want added to the application via the LinksAlpha Support desk.


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